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Kerry Skarbakka  Brooklyn, NY

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About Kerry

Using myself as model and with the aid of climbing gear and other rigging, I photograph the body as it dangles from dangerous precipices or tumbles down flights of stairs. The captured gesture of the body is designed for plausiblity of action, which grounds the image in reality. However, it is the ambiguiy of the body’s position in space that allows and requires the viewer to resolve the full meaning of the photograph. Do we fall” Can we fly” If we fly then loss of control facilitates supreme control.

It is necessary to point out that I do not consider myself a glorified stuntman; nor do I wish to become a sacrifice to art. Therefore, safety is an important factor, however the work does carry with it a potential risk of personal injury as I engage the moment. This is unavoidable as much of the strength of the images lie in the fact that they are all recorded on location.
The images are layered with references to an experienced background in sculpture and painting, and the cinematic quality of the work suggests the influence of commercial film. The dimensions are important to establish a direct relationship between the image and viewer.

The images stand as ominous messages and reminders that we are all vulnerable to losing our footing and grasp. Moreover, they convey the primal qualities of the human condition as a precarious balancing act between the struggle against our desire to survive and our fantasy to transcend our humanness.

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"OMG I have fallen a few times with dire consequences (I couldn't do any art for months) and now am so afraid of breaking something again. Love your work! Take care,Deanna"

"One year late to tell you my admiration. This is where photos are so much more valuable than even the best painting. To gear all this "mise-en-scene" plus the care of the background and spot lights details artistically placed, you are... a miracle. Incredible! But this is a photo, and although incredible it is true. Bravo!"

"u r such brave man! and ofcourse talented photoghraph! good job."

"PH MY GOD IT LOOKS SO REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"It makes you wonder- How much work could have been put into making it look perfect?"


"wow aside from saying that looks like it really hurts id say the what was the shutter speed of this to catch the falling."

"well ,the most scariest in history were bi poler"

"the ability to contemplate a person and imagine or see something in such an artistic and moderated angle is not easy. extremely creative and well expressed."

"very photo awsome keep it up"

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