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Ruben Brulat  Paris, France

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About Ruben

“Primates” expresses the vulnerability of the Human species in his natural environment, showing smallness, beauty, but also symbiosis he has with it. This link that is part of us, a molecular link.

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"Wonderful, moving, meditative work"

"Does anyone else see the humans that are left at the mercies of what these pictures depict? In each there is a human that is suffering... Does anyone see that? Death, desperation, loneliness all surrounded by beauty that is savage and bare"

"the art i see is good."

"Amazing Work!"

"I love it because you wounder whats behind the white door"

"i love how mysterious the artwork is. kinda makes me imagine what its like to be in that character's position. especially the first one."

"Beautiful in the invisible details."

"Woo Ha! - Love it. We are so consumed with being part of successfully living in a sosiety and wanting to be strong in the wilderness we forget our vulnerable little selves within the city - out in nature. These works are cold but they remind people of what realy matters."

"great work: YES!"

"I feel his images portray a sense of lonlieness in the grandure of the world we live in. One figure in the big city,one in the vastness of the wilderness. Both cold,small."

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