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Emma Kindall  Columbus, OH

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About Emma

Emma Kindall is an artist based in Columbus, OH. She is also a lecturer at The Ohio State University.

Emma explains her work by saying, “At present, my work is an obsession with imperfectly reconstructing the people and places tied to me. It is an obsession with maintaining a personal history, resurfacing memories, and tying these pieces together. I tie the inanimate to my historical animate; the emotions are loosely taped, strung, and held together in homemade ways. I grew up inside a loosely-held-together home alongside loosely-held-together people dealing with different levels of brokenness. They fill up large sections of my brain every day and this is what I make things about – the idea of home, the people tied to it, and the mental illnesses that hold them. My process involves searching and arranging, building structures, and painting. I search for cardboard, old wood, peeling paint, strings. I pocket paper scraps, forgotten trash, and old receipts. I combine these materials with the use of printmaking, oil paint, pen, and glue to make things to which I feel attached – a wallpaper that reminds me of my grandmother’s house, the taped together chandelier like the one above our childhood dinner table. Through this combination of materials, I seek to translate the reoccurring content of homes, disconnected families, and the domestic into a visual language that is my own.”

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