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Daniel Maidman  New York, NY

'Hands #1'
Oil on canvas
'Blue Leah #8'
Oil on canvas

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About Daniel

Daniel Maidman was born in 1975 in Toronto, Canada. He was raised in Toronto, Jerusalem, Washington, and Chicago, and attended college in North Carolina and Texas. While living in Los Angeles, he set himself on a program to learn how to draw and paint the human figure. He attended life drawing workshops 2-3 times a week for ten years. As well, he spent two years drawing an anatomical atlas based on human cadaver dissections in which he participated at Santa Monica College, under the guidance of Dr. Margarita Dell. Illustrations from his atlas are currently in use in the United States Army’s forensic field manual.

Since moving to New York, Daniel Maidman has sped up his painting schedule, while refining his skills through life drawing workshops, and his thoughts through conversations with painters Stephen Wright and Adam Miller.

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'New York'


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"I agree with Roar - nicely done but they don't say anything to me"

"Great work. Captivating emotionally and technically."

"Beautiful stuff. Some high quality craftsmanship coupled with real inspiration. Love those eyes!"

"This is some really incredible stuff. I'm amazed by the play between shadow and light, especially on the neck on the woman in the second painting. There's something so real about her eyes too."

"Very lovely work. A wonderful talent."

"I think that this was probably very difficult to draw, buti'm just not so fascinated in this one. but you definately have talent."

"Now this is real "penmanship" of a high quality - With an eye to detail that most art students would be well advised to emulate! If you can't be bothered to learn to draw and produce a passable portrait, give up any idea of developing genuine talent!"

"Very nice!There is nothing wrong with knowing where we come from as artists. I draw strength and motivation from the respect I have from the past greats and feel solid in that connection.Your paintings are my favorite. The new one on that artist voting page is a good new direction. I like it because it is, besides being academicly well done, a contradiction in time periods. I voted you a 10. Keep going."

"first of all i have a bfa so i can comment on your's lovingly caught me by surprise..i drank it in like liquid silver..i know how hard it is to get this and it is so good.."

"I'm with bystander and Eric... so nice to see focused work in the traditional sense for a change. (Where collage can be interesting, day after day gets old.) It takes a special talent to do "academic" work -- I found the anatomical work mesmerizing."

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