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Phillip Toledano  New York, NY

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About Phillip

Hope and Fear is the external manifestation of the internal desires and paranoia that are adrift in America.

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"MY REVIEWpic a; an all round build up of amour, from the sea and land to the skies.pic b; building a beautifull and calm nation through prayers."

"I love these, especially side by side. It makes me think of the gender stereotypes we hold men and women to in this country, almost to the point of us not being human. Each of them is submissive and not the focus of attention - it is what they are made of. The man, of guns and intimidation, the woman, of men's desires."

"Absolutely delightful work. I love the temperment some of Toledano's stuff. I've had dreams like this - never bright colors, always subdude but not dark or heavy. Just splendid."

"Simply Amazing.But I have to say 'Days with my Father' was not only motivating but also amazing as far as visual concepts go.You found true emotion there. True Art.~Laura Ann."

"I haven't checked out the website yet, but what interesting and powerful work!"

"I thought that this was outstanding and weird at the same time."

"AMAZING, i love this like hot dogs on a stick"

"I totally love this work! Not subtle (and usually I go for subtle) but very, very powerful. A sledgehammer of content delivered with finesse. How did he manage that? Very cool."

"OH: The guns: What a true picture of the real NRA people. The only thing possibly added would be the dollar sign"

"i love this one's great how poeple always bring new things,especially in art i always say paint the world with color humanity has never seen the second photo.since i'm a girl i understand it:)"

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