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Anne Siems  Seattle, WA

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About Anne

All that I see, hear, touch, experience and dream moves into me and finds it’s way into my artwork. I love faces, bodies, gardens, wide open stretches of land with small forests and fields, old things that have had a life of their own, stories and all the realms in between. What I paint comes from an intuitive visceral place. Elements that are found in my work through the years are there because they feel right: they have no specific symbolism. What you see is an open ended narrative, one that I invite the viewer to enter into and complete or continue.

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Recommended by our guest curators

Natalie Shau

Vilnius, Lithuania artist

"This artist combines everything i love so much, romantic portrait painting, dreamy landscapes, ghostly ethereal figures. Anne's portraits also remind me of sea creatures, transparent magic jellyfish. What can be more beautiful?"

Sharon Dowell

Charlotte, NC artist

"I simply love the exquisite and haunting imagery of Siems' beautifully painted women and sceneries."

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"very talented artist!!! great works!!"

"MY REVIEWpic a; nourishing the earth with beauty,is the truthfullness and compasion from the imortality of the human soulpic b; appreciating the worth in one another keeps the earth healthy."

"i love watching ghost hunters and ghosts just are one of my interests and they look like ghosts i love them.."

"Both of these paintings are very beautiful. They a bit of a ghostly nature to them."

"Love your unique art work, it's beautiful. It gives a sense of inspiration in thought."

"Chillingly beautiful!"

"they are ewesome ewesome alot their super cool"

"Lovely work... very original."

"Totally agree with karixa. Very nice."

"These are wonderful. Fun too as they are a bit like the old style fashion prints yet very creative and detailed."

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