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Juan Francisco Ruiz  Madrid, Spain

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About Juan Francisco

Casas paints large size oil canvases and Bic ball pen drawings where he reproduces images he takes with his camera, youthful and spontaneous domestic photographs of fleeting moments of nighttime fun.

During 2005 he participated, together with important artists such as Damien Hirst, Neo Rauch or Maurizio Cattelan at the International Biennial of Contemporary Art, Prague Biennale 2, Prague, Czech Republic) arranged by the Flash Art Magazine and curated by Giancarlo Politi. He was the only one Spaniard artist invited to that event. In 2006 he participated in The Sock Strategy exhibition at the 2nd International Biennial of Contemporary Art of Seville curated by Okwui Enwezor.

Casas also has won the very prestigious ABC Prize in Madrid, 2004. Also, he won in 2007, the grant from the Spanish Academy in Rome, Italy. He has exhibited at some of the most important galleries in Spain and at the international art fairs of Chicago, Miami, Palm Beach, México, Bogotá, London, New York, Basel and Madrid. His work can be found in important collections and museums like the ARTIUM (Basque Museum of Contemporary Art) where he also participate in the collective exhibition Catharsis, with such important artists as Miquel Barceló, Antoni Tapies and Antonio Saura. He is considered one of the more influential young painters in Spain.

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"Beautiful.....a a complete understanding of light shadow ....reflected light..volume etc.....bothing wrong with useing aids..end result is what matters."

"If I could paint this well...I would never criticize...How can anyone say negative things about a beautiful piece...As artist of all levels we all know how many hours and love goes into each piece that we paint...Kindness..kindness...kindness!This is a wonderful piece of art."

"cool, just cool, really cool"

"Wow! I think these are awesome. Wish I could do that with a bic!I think they're quite realistic"

"Lovely and very nice."

"very nice :)kinda clumsy.."

"Great job-they really seem to capture the moment."

"I love these..I also do paintings of this sort maybe that is why I love them..I love the blue..I love the instant moment just know her hair is going to swing back into position..and if you have hair like that you can feel it..."

"@ Will Eskridge I am fully aware that projectors have been used for centuries. I also feel that the projector in this case IS being used as a crutch. There does not have to be any understanding of light and shadow and of the nuances you speak of when the photograph you are tracing captures it for you. I believe the novelty lies in the medium and I am facinted by the use of the Bic pen. How may does Juan go through producing such a large piece?"

"This is amazing. It just shows the capability that people can do with anything they own. There are soo may possibilities that you can do with just household items. You don't need to go out and buy anything, you can make art out of anything. I can just sit there and look over and think "wow, that would make a great picture!". But, to do art like this in a ballpoint pen? its just phenomonal to experience. I love the top drawing of a woman you can tell it's draw by hand, but for the lower one its not as great... It just looks fake.? Im sixteen and love art to its full extent. :]"

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