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Yochai Matos  Tel Aviv, Israel

Fluorescent light
'The Sun is Coming Out My Ass'
Fluorescent light installation

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About Yochai

Yochai Matos is a Tel Aviv based artist who creates unique installations made primarily using fluorescent tube lights. Using the ubiquitous piece of hardware, Matos uses it as a sculpting medium by arranging the lights in unusual formations that remove them from their original use. Matos’ works also utilize color to add another almost painterly quality to his projects. Mato’s also creates non-light based pieces that range from collage, photography and public interventions including his ‘You’ve Got Mail’ project which placed 24,000 heart-shaped stickers on mailboxes in Tel Aviv.

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"That is awesome. I want one in my house."

"He's darn sure got some DANDY WORKS!!!!! I'm thrilled with it too."

"The only similarities between Dan Flavins work and Yochai Matos' is the use of lights as a medium. On another note, I'm sure Flavin would be delighted at the idea of another artist falling in love with this medium and furthering it into the 21st century."

"Great piece incorporating 80's post-postmodern iconography and also a valuable comment on the medium of painting, reinforcing the artists choice of medium."

"i love that he's using light as art-it makes his art different"

"is very nice thanks for your creativity and keep creating manyt morena'"


"Cool Stuff. I think Dan Flavin would like it."

"well.. i think this is the first time i see art like this. i love it!!!()__()(='.'=)(") (")*bunny"

"Really cool. I definitely like the fact that he is creating his art with Light. Hope it pays the electric bill!"

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