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Mark Evans  London, UK

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About Mark

Mark Evans is an accomplished portrait artist, whose bespoke commissions are hand etched onto fine leather hides using just a handful of carving and etching tools. Mark is a pioneer of this particular technique, which he describes as more akin to sculpture than painting. The result is a collection of stunning pieces of work that prove you can make beautiful work using nothing more than primal techniques.

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"what knife are you using"

"wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i feel like the worst artist ever now."

"WOW this is unbelievably cool art and technique going on here! 4 thumbs WAY UP!"

"This is a very interesting technique."

"Very impressive... If not a little boring (aside from the bulls)."

"Mark Evans shows a love for the real world and all it's wonders."

"Nicely rendered leather art....It isn't a new technique by any stretch however.I as a childI did the same thing in the cub scouts as a project. We used wood carving tools. American Indians, Native Central and South Americans, most likley every culture, have done the same technique. Mine and perhaps most, not as skillfully rendered, but the same technique for certain. ( Perhaps because he is aparently young, and youth does not look back to what hs been done long before, Martk is just not aware). One may obtain the same image "quality" looking at engravures in stone or on metal, usually forming the master "plate" as we call it. Scrimshaw, Chinese Ivory and stone carving, etc....BTY, I have a cool looking leather sarape tooled by incising I bought in Mexico 25 years ago.Very nice work. Handles the medium well, unique, I think not, just exceptionally well done. Keep it up Dude !Cheers, Laurence"

"I went to his site and it was like what iconic figure should I rip off next. His craft and technical skill is one thing but the content lacks greatly"

"Wow! I didn't know that that was leather until I read the description. I never knew that one could create a "painting" out of cowhide. That is very cool."

"Work is good, interesting technique. someone should duct tape the artist mouth shut and let the work speak on it's own. Who professes to be "psuedo-intellectual"?"

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