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Indigo is a visual and performative artist whose body of work spans many different disciplines, including stencil art, dance, photography and writing. A professional contemporary dance artist since 2004, her work has been presented at many mainstream and alternative venues around the world. Since making the transition into visual art in spring of 2008 she has participated in art festivals and gallery exhibits in Canada, the US, UK, across Europe and in Russia. Indigo is interested in art in public spaces, site-specific performance, interdisciplinary collaboration, and community involvement. Her stencil work both on and off the streets is soft and poetic, capturing her subjects in moments of quiet melancholy.

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"thanks for the post and all the comments :)Jerry - the method for these is pretty simple. they are stenciled posters wheatpasted onto whatever surface I find inspiring. I recently did an interview with Crack For Your Eyes that has a more thorough description of my process from start to finish - you can read it here:"

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"Looking forward to meeting you at Bushfire Festival Swaziland"

"[...] Indigo from Vancouver and Swoon from New York, two artists who will be participating in this year’s conference, often depict ethereal female figures that can alternate between vulnerable and idealized. The oft-transforming nature of street art allows these figures to be both at once. (Click here for BURNAWAY’s interview with Indigo earlier this year, and click here for our video of a project in New Orleans designed by Swoon.) Unlike portraits viewed in a gallery setting, the aesthetics of street works are constantly shifting: a sunny day can brighten a moody work, and the presence of a Walmart across the street can turn an unassuming depiction of a flower-filled field into political commentary. [...]"

"One man's graffiti is another man's art."

"Amazing looks so cool"

"beautiful ... love her work"

"The lady in the top painting looks like Cate Blanchett. If I was approaching the painted rocks and walls, I'd think those were real people. Very nicely done."

"wow. the one with the girl seems to have a deeper meaning than it first gives off.amazing."

"It would be nice if some process description existed. Is it such a specialized and secret method that you couldn't put "stenciled spray paint on existing graffiti" below the title? The images need to be a lot more distinctive and spectacular before I stop caring what the medium is."

"Haunting images. Lovely."

"This is a beautiful picture, sure does bring back some good memories of when I was little. Thank you for sharing your work with us. Keep up the wonderful work that you do."

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