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Morgan Blair  Brooklyn, NY

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About Morgan

Morgan Blair is a freelance illustrator, fine artist, and desperado. She is a recent graduate of Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), now living in Brooklyn, New York and continuing to advance her interest in trees, legos and excellent music.

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"This artwork is imaginative, and inspiring. i love the colors put into normal pictures. As if the artist had tooken a picture of a bus, and put all the colors of the rainbow in it. Love it. :)"

"digg... nice work"

"I am so excited to see Morgan Blair on here!! It seems like she's finally getting noticed- and deservedly so. The way she mixes realism with those sick neon geometrical shapes is just fresh, inspring. Keep it uup."

"Love this work!!! Very Cooooooool! I have a band, and love this style!!! You Rock!!"

"I love the way the colors pop. Very promising, keep working."

"Yes, this is certainly the new and improved magic bus for us aging chic hippies. Maybe it's for that reason that it appeals to me so much. On an another note, why is it so freaking hard to find what the prices are, their availability, how many are in the series, etc. on the art shown?"

"That's the cute colorful bus!!! :-)"

"The Bus, is a great presentaion of color, and effect I love this work. The seceond picture is also a dramatic piece, very well exicuted."

"i like pink =]"

"this is a very cool way of showing your art it makes me think og peace and all colors united i like that very much"

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