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Andrea Michaelsson  Barcelona, Spain

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About Andrea

Andrea Michaelsson is the feminine side of artisctic collective Btoy. The female observe us from somewhere in the past. The passage of time is fundamental to the work of this street artist located in Barcelona. Her compositions break the flight of the years down into colours and stains of paint, as though life had taken the original work along with it. Andrea’s women look us in the eyes, like the principal actresses in a film, from the perfect kingdom of ephemeral material upon a wall. Last year she took part in the Cans Festival in london, in which also participated Banksy and more than 50 other artists from around the world, preparing various murals and installations in one of the tunnels of Waterloo Station. Her works have been published in Pictures on Walls, Rojo and Belio. She has also put on exhibitions in Los Angeles, London, Mexico, Barcelona and Brussels.

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"MY REVIEWpic a; srongly & speedily dominating the hood.pic b; a prominent star flourishing in the glory and wealth of her artistry"

"Thys Painting Is Amazing, It Is Very Clear.."

"Top image, little pursed pouting lips, large wondering eyes against a slum backdrop. On second look she's only an image, a graffiti of who she might be. And that image is repeated in the lower pic, she is valently attempting to separate herself from the messed up mixed up world about her - good luck."

"Just kiding it is cool"

"These works are only interesting because they're on a wall. Take away the grit and grime from the streets and you are left with paintings without any tension, without any significance. Not impressed."

"i love it it's soooooo beautiful and i love the color they really match with the painting."

"like the way the people look you in the eye- i will remember these."

"Barcelona has the best graffiti, bar none--as seen in the top image. Ms. Michaelsson's images are compelling, sophisticated, and beautiful."

"The expressions on their faces are strong."

"i love the first image the color is hermoso"

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