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Sylvia Ji  Los Angeles, CA

'Belle Epoch'
'Blue Rose'

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About Sylvia

In her art, Sylvia explores themes of beauty, sexual provocation, and social notions of femininity juxtaposed against the dystopian reality of modern cities to create highly charged paintings of women. Some of her paintings are symbolic reflections of herself, portraits of people she knows or just nameless faces set in a landscape of fleeting and decaying beauty.

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands artist

"Her feminane portraits with the use of Dia de los Muertos imagery combined with is native and cultural infuances is very strong. It captures themes and influances that tips a broad palette from renanisance, beauty, decay, delicacy to passion. The strong use of cadre and editorial fashion poses is very appealing and demands attention. It portrais strength but also the fragility and powerfull sensual notes of feminity. Appealing use of primary colour is supportive to her very powerful, strong, seductive and sensual painted portraits."

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"Greetings!My name is Zimmmerman Wilson from Dallas. I found your paintings website while surfing online for what to purchase as a gift for the love of my life.I'm impressed and amazed to have seen your various works too, You are doing a great job! I would like to receive further information about your piece of work and what inspires you.. Kindly confirm the availability for immediate sales.Best.."


"nice work....very nice"


"I love her work it is very beautiful!"

"I've seen the blue print some where before,but anyway this is wonderful work."

"Beautiful work. Its like cyber art deco. Thanks for sharing."

"2nd piece very dramatic and edgey i love it"

"Just gorgeous. Would love to have these hanging in my house!"

"this is so freaking awesome! i've never seen anything like it!"

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