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Igor Koutsenko  Fallbrook, CA

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About Igor

Igor Koutsenko was born in Evpatoria, a resort city on the Crimean Peninsula on the Black Sea. His father brought Igor to the Children’s Art School in his hometown after his son demonstrated artistic ability at a young age. At age eleven, Koutsenko was accepted to the adult art studio directed by the acclaimed artist Zvyagintesev who encouraged his talent. Later Igor was educated at the Penza School of Art (class of E. Iodynis) and received rigorous training in the old traditions of Russian realist art. While living in Moscow, he successfully used the Moscow art market to sell his works to Russian and foreign collectors. His experience in Moscow allowed him to fully realize himself as an independent artist.

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"I am lucky enough to have met the artist while in OKC & own a signed very interesting piece of art - devils of some sort drinking, playing musical instruments at the witching hour ?"

"I like the iconic stylization & use of color."

"MY REVIEWpic a; reminiscent of life in diaspora.pic b; intrigues of education & discipleship."

"We like how the people in your paintings are thinking about things to do or places to go. We like the colors you use because they make the paintings come to life. The reflections and age differences in your work are pleasing to the eye. The reflections and shadows in your work, it compliments the colors and makes them more appealing."

"We like the details of the water reflections in your work. The first picture gives the feeling of relaxing with the sunset colors. Some of us think you are the new Picasso."

"His painting and drawing classes at Fallbrook School of the Arts are fantastic like his work!"

"I have been a fan for years!!!!"

"Man! ! ! I LOVE your work! It's a delight to the eye & has so much emotion. You need to hire a promoter. You could be big!"

"Miss you friend."

"Your talent is extraordinary and has not yet obtained the fame it deserves."

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