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Tiffany Liu  Los Angeles, CA

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About Tiffany

A confessed exemplar of the Peter Pan Syndrome, and happily ensconced in a personal ‘Never-Neverland,” Liu has never lost her childlike spirit. The artist estimates that approximately 50% of her waking existence has been spent in ‘one big daydream.” Liu’s work reflects the visions and fantasies of her imagination. Her canvas is her playground. A wash in rainbow hues and populated with a veritable circus of cute (and freaky) creatures, her candy-colored acrylic paintings are at once strangely familiar (they reference the visual style of vintage storybooks, board game graphics, and nursery décor), and oddly jarring in their often audacious and mysterious subject matter. Liu’s are booby-trapped images wherein things are seldom as they seem, and there are often disturbing’and disturbingly humorous’complexities lying just below their colorful surfaces.

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"I love it :)"

"i get the second painting is about the black plege with the children singing ring-around-the-rosey ."

"creative! i like it... its like a kid painting. it has kids in there and it is kid-friendly"

"The paintings above remind me of my own artwork, which is done with a pencil.I really like the way you paint and I will belooking forward to more."

"I like the destrucion in the background."

"I love how playful these pics 6 year old cousin loves it!!"

"Woo hoo! We showed Tiffany's work a couple years ago at Bamboo Lane where I used to work. Good to see how her work has progressed! She has a great way of tapping into symbols of childhood fairy tales and nursery rhymes."

"When I looked at your work..It brought a smile to my face right away.. made me feel good.. great job!"

"Great Artwork,I love the first one with the eyes. Multiple meanings, hmm? I love it."

"I think that the picture is different it shows these children happy and playful but have these somewhat unsetteling eyes whatching them. Makes you wonder! But i think that the picture is nice!"

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