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Cheryl Molnar  Brooklyn, NY

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About Cheryl

My parent’s definition of a responsible adult is someone who owns a home, is settled down, married with children, a steady job with health insurance and everything that comes with it. For them, the conduit for adulthood came in the form of a ranch house in the center of suburban Long Island. Back then in towns like Levittown, it was possible for a young family to purchase a new home in the leafy suburbs for $100 down ‘ leading to mass migration. Robert Moses and his puppetry of highway and parkway systems made it a commuter’s paradise and everyone could have a piece.

Now that I am in my 30’s and the idea of home ownership just seems like it’s so far out of reach, what is my ticket to adulthood” The ranch houses in my collages personify my struggle for that answer.

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'House And Home'


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"I love this. All the motion and color."

"Great collages!"

"MY REVIEWpic a; freshly built accomodadions that aids companionship through the path of many solemn,humble,comfortable living experiences.pic b; a warm settlement/companionship established at the helm of many singular prepositions and dreams which are still actively under construction."

"the texture is amazing! it is so rough, geometirical but still soft. you have an amazing talent. you have for sure found you own style. LOVE IT!"

"these are awesome!"

"like debienkorn great use of color, and using line to somw how create motion"

"this is amazing i am in art three at my school (cant do watercolor to save my life) these pictures are so amazing."

"These paintings are a amazing i wish i could paint and draw as good as this artist."

"this pictures are great, eventhough i don't like the types of paintings like picture 1. I still really liked both pictures, theyre awesome."

"Really nice use of color. Good work."

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