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Luke Kopycinski  Melbourne, Australia

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About Luke

Luke Kopycinski is an Australian born artist currently working and living in Melbourne, Australia. His work is intriguing, dark and has an underlying current of something very human. Best described as Dark Noir, his subject matter is of the beautiful and the melancholy, aspects of the people around him, both what they project on the outside and what they keep inside. His oils are a mix of realism and impressionism, a mixture of strong soft shining lights and heavy sharp shadows that centre the focus of the pieces. His graphite works have been described as painting themselves, illusionary in depth and form with imagery like deceptively frozen moments.

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"Great work. Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures"

"I looked at his site and there is no denying his artistic talent. However, I find his work too dark and evil for my liking. A few of his pieces seem less dark and are very nice portraits."

"MY REVIEWpic a; falling back on ones source/defence/confidant refreshes one with relief.pic b; withrawal to the emptiness of ones life or to a state of battered insecurity."

"Koppa! Cool to see you on here. And cool to see you score so high!"

"This is truly art. It's nice to know there are artists out there who care so much about the quality of their work. Please visit my blogsite to leave your comments and insights on my blog for artists/musicians/creative people. I write it for people like you."

"Makes my heart keep skipping beats. Breathtaking, scary, thunderous. The nude at the bottom makes me want to touch her - her skin!!!! Love the borrowing from Klimpt. Really - I'm out of breath! Wish I could have one. Makes me want to draw."

"! :o whoa... she needs to put some cloths on... it's art but still..."

"gorgeous and as someone who grew up with the desparate eyes of people in bars I loved the first picture."

"Very painterly...which is a high compliment."

"Beautiful and dramatic work."

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