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Vera Iliatova  Brooklyn, NY

Oil on linen
Oil on canvas

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About Vera

Vera has studied fine are across the world including stints at the Skowhegan School of Art, Yale University, Brandeis University and Sorbonne University. She was the focus of a solo exhibit in 2009 at the Monya Rowe Gallery where she is represented. In addition, she has participated in numerous solo and group shows since 2003.

Vera also works as a visiting associate professor in painting at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

Recommended by our guest curators

Valerie Hegarty

Brooklyn, NY artist

"I love how psychological Vera’s paintings are—they are beautifully painted and haunting. The figures seem captured in a secret narrative within the wooded fringes of the city."

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'New York'


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"MY REVIEWpic a; philosophy,tradition and pleasure of a people blosoms with time,on the weight of wealth and civilisationpic b; admiration,respect and closeness is the warmth in a neighbourhood."

"Hey, great work, Vera. Nice to see you on this site."

"Absolutely fabulous. I never knew there were such incredibly talented artists out there. Please visit my blogsite for artists/musicians/creative people to leave your comments and insights. I write it for people like"

"I liked it alot. Id like some of mine to be judged but I mainly just do faces and bridges and trees. Oh well shes good."

"I don't really like these - they seem cold and calculated. Still we can't all like the same thing eh?"


"Adore the colors and the images I expected the website to be likewise, but I must say, it is horrid! Dear Vera, learn some simple HTML or so and make your site as eye pleasing as your paintings!"

"Interesting and impressive work."

"Her roots lie deep in the expressionists movement. Cezanne exemplified by overlapping planes of color and reality. Picasso by primitive Iberian mask like faces and angular cubist modeling. She shows her Russian heritage (for the most part) with stark city scapes inhabited by lonesome ladies."

"More, Vera, more. Thank you for insight, depth,color, beauty & situational awareness!"

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