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Glennray Tutor  Oxford, MS

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About Glennray

Glennray Tutor is an American painter who is known for his photorealistic paintings. He is considered to be part of the Photorealism art movement. His paintings are immersed with bright colors, nostalgic items, metaphor, and with a complete focus on detail. Tutor is a graduate of the University of Mississippi where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Art and English in 1974 and his Master of Fine Arts degree in Painting in 1976.

Recommended by our guest curators

Zach Tutor

Curator of Supersonic Electronic

"Glennray Tutor is my father and has exposed me to a lifetime of art. As I've grown up next to his work I've seen the metaphors and colors evolve throughout his subject matters and I've watched as he's become a master of the Photorealist genre. However, he likes to call his work, "Metarealism," or something beyond painting. Which, I believe, they certainly are."

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"One of my all time favorites."

"great eye candy, diligent depiction & master of the fine ARTS I JUST LOVE art people like you."

"I feel as though I'm looking at a photograph, not a painting, it's AMAZING. so much talent"

"OH MY GOD! Simply amazing."

"are you sure that's not a photo????"

"OH i didn't read the description! WOW. a painting? very amazing"

"Oh! i saw the first pic and i thought that it was interesting then i scrolled. The one with the comics and marbles, my spanish teacher uses as her computer background. I always thought it was interesting. What fascinating photographs!"

"Actually My impression was looking at the transition of childhood to early adolescence....The marbles symbolize "Childhood" and the comics represent "fantasy or Fiction" And if you read the comics the characters within the comics represent life situations such as reciprocated love from one to another not being offered... Or a sense of betrayal between fantasy and reality..."

"That's a painting? WOW..."

"An outstanding painter and a nice gentleman. I've enjoyed seeing Glennray's work at Jay Etkin Gallery in Memphis and the new one in Santa Fe."

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