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Erik Minter  New York, NY

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About Erik

Erik Minter works with a broad range of media, investigating the play of the synthetic & human and its interface with the natural world. Plant and insect structures fuse with vehicles from an unknown (and yet somehow nostalgic) future creating a hybrid new reality. Trained in art history and painting, Minter’s work has migrated into installation and commercial work, growing in scope as it expands in size. His work seeks the point of tension between beauty and repulsion found at the center of the human condition.

His specialty is the liminal space between the conscious and the unconscious, the real and the unreal, the present and the future. Slick industrial finishes remind us of the perfections of which the human mind and vision are capable, while the organic form of the chrysalis, which appears in his work, seems to indicate the process of becoming in which humanity still stands. His work is a consideration of personal alchemy that explores pleasures, ironies and the mutable and plastic nature of existence.

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"I like the contrast in these paintings--open and uncomplicated space to a complicated and confusing object that requires study to understand. I also like the vibrancy of color. If life could be perfect, I would have these paintings as focus of rooms and the rooms and necessary objects built to go with paintings instead of paintings to match up with rooms. In my ideal home the art work would come first. Art work like this artist creates."

"It's only a matter of time, E, these things in person are off the chains!!!"

"Levitated!! Big shouts to everybody here the people that appreciate visual static, Looking forward and backward in this journey to give you more!!"

"Love ya work E, I hope you get all the shine you deserve homie, God Bless!"

"Very refreshing image making, I feel its a style of it own, I'm sure their really cool in person, with the porcelain-like finish described on his site."

"Beautiful... love the movement."

"this kid is the diamond in the sand, searched, but yet found. Time will prevail...& allow this gift, to represent what art has been waiting. The gift of life, all walks can appreciate, love, enjoy, most of all experience for legacies to come."

"These are beautiful!!"

"Hi Eric,Thanks for the follow. I love your clean colors and the motion against the stillness. How does one get to be the artist of the day. What a great promotion! Where do you show your work?walarts"

"rip'n awesome!i love these colors!thoughtful movement...i'd hang it.cheers and blessings!"

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