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Erin Cone  Santa Fe, NM

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About Erin

My focus is on conveying realism through the lens of abstraction “¦ a push-and-pull of near-photorealistic details with the carefully controlled use of visual elements that question that very realism. I love the interplay of form and composition ‘ the three-dimensionality and solidity of the figure deliberately altered by various elements of design, to increase visual harmony and add emotional depth. With an emphasis on abstract aesthetics over narrative context, the figures I paint function almost as design elements themselves, evoking emotion without defining it – and encouraging the viewer to approach each painting within the framework of his or her unique experiences and memories.

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"erin:I saw your work when they were having it in Nuart gallery in Santa Fe. I was blown away, it was like; thank god no more encaustic painting and WOW!!! I have to say I admire your work, marked your webpage and have to say that unless people see it live they just cannot appreciate what you have."

"very interesting work/very good - reminds me of fashion stills for young women in a vogue/sears catalogue -RABIN"

"I dare not criticize such beauty. But i will say that this type of masterpeice seems to tease the observer for more. Although it is clearly a masterpeice"

"All of the young women in her paintings look anorexically thin. I wonder if this is intentional, and meant to say something about the mind of today's women, or if it is an unconscious reflection of her ideal."

"The artist's work didn't strike me until I came across her collection called Hands on her site. Simply stunning.... remarkably moving."

"These paintings somehow seem like ghosts to me- an impression you would see out of the corner of your eye as the ghosts appears briefly then is gone if you look at it directly. Not scary ghosts in crisis- but spirits going about mundane chores in an etheral way. The poses are so natural and facial expressions capture the solid reality of being true in the moment when no one else is watching."

"Outstanding work, I swore it was a photo when I saw it on my homepage. The artist site is filled with more breath taking images."

"This is wonderful work that I find fascinating. How to describe it... stylistic realism? I love how she crops the paintings, which adds more dimension to the emotional message of the subjects. Also like her description "...evoking emotion without defining it." Delightful."

"Fantastic! 5 stars!"

"Hi i'm a young italian student,Lia,sorry for my bad english.....i like a lot this picture because is so simple,so real,so beautiful.However i think that in that simplicity there is an unreal meaning and it's this hidden sense that makes painting ethereal and immortal.I love it"

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