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Richard Hall  Mesa, AZ

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About Richard

As a boy growing up in England, Richard spent many hours watching his grandfather create fine furniture. “The man was a master craftsman, employing traditional tools and working methods handed down through generations. He passed on to me to joy of creating something unique. I carry on these traditions in my own work.” Today as an adult, he views himself as actually building a painting, in perfect analogy to his grandfather building furniture.

“As I ‘build’ a painting, it is often the actual working methods that I am most drawn to. As I learned to finish fine furniture with layer upon layer of polish and wax, so I now find myself working with layer upon layer of color. This method of working triggers memories and feelings that I channel into my art, and it enables me to give form to my ideas.”

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"Estoy tratando de localizar algún familiar del pintor británico Richard Hall, que estuvo pintando en Argentina por los años 1920/1930. Agradceceré cualquier información al respecto."

"Love the Rube Goldberg touch:)"

"The artist's landscapes are magnificent! Beautiful work."

"Very interesting and detailed work. Really enjoyed the description of how he paints."

"i like this artwork a lot.. i see something so strong affecting something so delicate.. nice."

"I love these, so unusual, I would love to have one of these on my wall. Beautiful. You look at them in a different curious way. So refreshing."

"its the moment before the climax of a chain of events, i could stare forever."

"His landscapes are gorgeous with a glorious use of color. The still life paintings employ unique subject matter and are very well executed. Beautiful work! Thanks for sharing."

"Great to see an AZ artist featured! This is very groovy work."

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