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Kasey McMahon  Los Angeles, CA

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About Kasey

Kasey McMahon is a conceptual and multimedia artist based in Los Angeles, California. Her work is driven by her own curiosity regarding our distinctly individual interactions with technology, the world and each other. She is fascinated by the elegant complexity that exists within and between the natural and technological realms: both intricate and untamed in their own ways. Influenced as much by hardware stores and the monsters underneath her bed as by haute couture and fine art, Kasey believes imagination is a superpower we all possess and encourages the occasional sidestepping of grownup life to recall a child’s eager fascination with the mundane.

The effect of Kasey’s work is humorous and frequently disarming, highlighting the chasms we often create between ourselves, our environments and our machines. Drawing attention to the reverberations created by manipulation of either nature or technology, her work often fuses the two together and imbues the resulting creations with a lighthearted otherworldliness. By exploring our philosophical and ethical relationship with technology, and the ways we weave computing into daily activities, Kasey hopes to emphasize individual responsibility in the molding of our own realities, virtual or otherwise, and to quietly call attention to our environmental impact and displacement from nature.

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"What a brilliant, astonishing artist you are. Your work of art takes my breath away!!!"

"fantasy has always been art, and fantasy has always been part of art. LOVE IT."

"mockery at the genetic replication and the nerve network of the human body"

"Uhmm...By Far one of the most amazing pecies of art work i have seen..i lyk thys one a lot!"

"This work is very timely and important and I appreciate the comment on the interplay of human in opposition to the mechanical and wire world dialog. the female expression within this medium I like."


"Amazingly unique comments!"

"junk art is weak."

"it was soo beutiful and diffrent it is hard to describe wat i saw"

"Too much Starbucks? Lookin' wired."

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