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Celene Petrulak  San Diego, CA

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About Celene

Celene was born and raised in Irwin, PA. She comes from a family of talented artists (her Grandfather Rose was due to start working for Walt Disney Studios but would be drafted into the second World War). As a child she was attracted to drawing at an early age, her career in art definitely started with the crayon. Being an only child, boredom and the natural beauty of her surroundings would be the fuel for her creativity. Being raised in a traditional Catholic home, Celëne would be strongly attracted to images of the afterlife.

Upon graduating the Art Institute with an Associates Degree in Visual Communications, Celëne would be forever moved while visiting the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. Here she saw first hand the works of the European masters Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele. Seeing these works of art would inspire Celëne to head west to Southern California to focus on furthering her career as an artist. It would be here that she would attract the most attention. Her art would appear at numerous art shows, openings and galleries. She would grace the cover of Fahrenheit magazine as well as being selected by the Uptown Partnership to have a permanent exhibit in her adopted hometown of San Diego, Ca. Celëne would also enjoy her first solo art show at the Playa Gallery with the series ‘Seasonal Disorder”.

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"Love her work. Incredible."

"pic a; a quest set ablazepic b; human art and technology are the fruits of intuition"


"wow! amazing."

"Eyes are the windows to the soul. Great eyes. Love the way she uses hair and nature intertwined."

"It does not appeal to me at all. Very redundant. I visited the etsy store but Celene had nothing there????"

"Her artwork is so... amazing impressive and so cool"

"It is so realistic and has alot of details. I love her work."

"I usually don't like the artist of the day paintings recently because they've all ben photo-realistic but this capture of feeling almost like a fiction book is amazing"

"Very interesting pieces. Women are very expressive."

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