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Laura Krifka  Santa Barbara, CA

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About Laura

My practice is a mutation of historical propaganda, religious morality and fetishes of Americana magnified to form a disturbing world that reflects the oddity of our own. I create this slippery space using multiple types of media, with an emphasis on painting and sculpture. Each piece struggles to find its own precarious sense of balance, playing out psychological fantasies of power and identity. In my paintings I use visual cues from film and art history to create landscapes that strain under the pressure of their own absurdity, constantly battling the forces of their own sinister nature. Likewise, my small scale sculptures are an investigation into the after shocks of manifest destiny and the idealization of the American dream, viewed through the lens of 1950’s folk musicals, collectible figurines, and the childhood dolls I once played with.

On a deeper level, I am interested in the creation of America as a folk symbol and as a constantly evolving fantasy. In particular, I am fascinated by the seduction and terror of American mythology and its relationship to the sublime, as well as how the after-shocks of manifest destiny influence our perception of ourselves. To investigate these issues I create a world populated with naive and innocent figures acting out their own legend, blind to the dangers around them or those that exist within themselves. In my work the fantasies and clichés of our own world combine and breed, creating a hyperbolic landscape populated by a society lost in their own myth.

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"I want to see more of your work, but the web site doesn't open. I am trying to put togrther an exhibit of recent MFA grads and thought your work might fit."

"superb colors..heartbeats go wild to see ur art..amazzzzzing.."

"SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL!!! Very striking and unique. I love it!!!!"

"where the one with the grapes? :) I love the grapes....Laura Krifka is brutally daringly openly Frida, but with out the eybrows"

"seem kind of novel or slight cliche, these two to me dont make nearly as much of a statement as the 2009 work, the sharp clean technique with the colors remind me of an old disney cartoon, i like the more painterly softer edges much more, i like that the sculptures gross me out and some points, but they seem arts and craftsy at other points, like shel silverstein would sculpt if he did"

"I love the use of diminished and reflected light in these. I also love the richness of color that results. Thematically, the idea of innocence lost really plays out well for me here. Whats interesting is, at first glance you say, "Oh, pretty... soft colors and cherubic faces... nice." But then you keep looking and the longer you look the more grotesque those faces reveal themselves to be; the more haunting the colors are; the more ominous the environment. Her plump and harmless, baby-smooth youths are almost deranged... and its upsetting. These are not pieces designed to make you feel warm and fuzzy but are disguised as ones that might. This jarring duality is not easily accomplished. At least not this subtly. Looking forward to future works!"

"I think that what the 2nd guy is doing in the 1st pic should not be shown the kids under the age of 15. But other than that I <3 them! Good colors and etc!"

"Great detail. Love the faces and shadow work. Professional quality."

"The back light is amazing and the colors vivid and pure. Reminds me of the quality of a Maxfield Parrish. Excellent work!"

"Um, get a grip people... look more carefully, either the figure on the right is drowning someone, or something more "slippery" is happening. I think comparing this to Max Parrish is a travesty! I don't like the colors or the paintings but think the message is interesting and perhaps necessary!"

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