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Elena Grandal  Cartagena, Spain

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About Elena

Elena Grandal was born in the Spanish coastal city of Cartagena. In college, she had her first experience with photography while studying audio-visual communication, but it wasn’t until she moved to Madrid, where she took up a Master Course in creative photography that she started developing a style of her own. What started out as an ironic study on male fantasies quickly evolved, thanks to the enthusiasm of her nonprofessional models, into an unexpected exploration of every girl’s dreams of glamour and sex appeal.

Her subsequent work is a playful celebration of feminine beauty, a parade of girls-next-door who take a few hours off their everyday life to share with us just how sexy they can be, when they put their mind to it.

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'Eye Contact'



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"That top one creeps me out! LOL!"

"the girl next door with props...lights camera free"

"pic a; awakening the wild to the erotic instinct of licking the Virginapic b; the huge potential to consume by the Armour of romance."

"I do get where you are going with this, but the idea of women licking a white substance from a dog bowl is a little degrading. I like the second with her combination of feminine and "hard-core" but her expressions is what changes it from "girl-next-door" to dirty mistress. You'll get there. There is a lot of potential here."

"different really different"

"This only makes women look subservient. We are not dogs or followers. This defintely is not sexy!"

"Interesting subject matter, I'd say."

"The description mentions "girls-next-door", which seems like a reach. Nearly all of the subjects even on her site are conventionally attractive in their own right. It's fun to look at, I'm sure they had a good time, but there's nothing especially challenging or ironic here just because they're "nonprofessional models"."

"These are unique ideas, but they do not necessarily mean talent. "every girl??s dreams of glamour and sex appeal"??? I don't think so."


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