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Jon Wald  Charlotte, NC

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About Jon

With a mission to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful, Google’s stock has more than quadrupled. This sculpture was created to celebrate the growth of the company as I believe in their goal and their investments. For instance, Google has the largest solar power system on a US corporate campus which supplies 30% of their energy. Also, Google Earth partnered with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to reveal environmental hotspots. The interactive map depicts and describes humanity’s impact on the environment and reveals physical trends over the last 30 years. I celebrate this collaborative effort with a three-dimensional globe painted as the United Nations symbol. The flags on the globe represent all of Google’s offices.

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"MY SLIGHT CRITIQUEpic a; energizing electronic survey and adventure on many nations of the earth."

"I went to his web site love it! Gotta have the "caffine pacifier", lol!"

"Interesting piece, but the statement puts it in too small a box. Kills my desire to think about it and look more at the work. Less is more. :)"

"Nope, does not work on any level. Looks like a rushed project. rushed and no message."

"very creative i think great job and very much in to the enviornmental go green! im in pressed"

"i like his work"

"Great Work!"

"Just not feeling it."

"merci beaucoup de me donnes l ordre de activer cette apication"

"Jon Wald has good intentions, but I feel that his execution is lacking the edge needed to be facing this subject matter. The fact that his works are made of recyclable material prove his dedication to the "green" movement, but fall short of true environmentalism. There is no power to his concept. In the piece "Google", he shows how dedicated Google is to sustainable energy. But, Google has an advertising department to showcase their dedication. As a socio-political artist, one needs to challenge the norms, not just accept them on a surface level."

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