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John Hairston Jr.  Charlotte, NC

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About John Hairston

John Hairston Jr. has been an artist for as long as he can remember. A Charlotte, NC native, he created art before he could read, write or spell. Through out his grade school years, he spent the majority of his time drawing superheroes and listening to any old soul or Hip Hop records he could get his hands on. Little did he know that his love for all things spandex-clad and funky would come play such a major role in his development as an artist. Under the guidance of his high school mentors and college professors, he learned to tap into these components to create a style of artwork that seamlessly blends political satire, social commentary and obscure pop-culture references. Hairston graduated from the University of North Carolina Charlotte with a bachelor’s degree of fine arts in illustration and began his career as a professional artist illustrating storyboards for a string of independent films and several of television ads. He has done commissioned pieces for numerous art collectors and various non-profit organizations. John Hairston Jr. currently has work on display in galleries all over the east coast.

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"John,I hope you are doing well.I want to hook you up with some folks. One who is an artist. Just want to get art community networking vibe. Another who is looking for an illustrator for a children's book.Thank you for your help with this.Love YaLisa (blk wm w/ whte stripe aka cruella deville in blk)"

"this is soo neat. the colors and the depth you've is outstanding."

"Nice use of colors!"

"Great job using a full palette. Complementary colors are used proficiently.The works are compelling. Nice job."

"LOVE IT!!!!!=]"

"the first and long impression on me is the way you apply your color"

"Love your work. Keep them coming."

"A bit strange but interesting none the less."

"Hi,I like your paintings very much.As I have great intrest in painting(drawing). I have won shankars art child international competition also.So I will be very glad if you will give me the respond of my comment and if you give me some guard line.I wants to go ahead further in this field. -Thanks"


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