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Aaron Willoughby  San Diego, CA

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About Aaron

I’m a Southern California native born in San Diego. I spent my youth in Los Angeles liberally exposed to Hollywood’s entertainment industry. In the mid 80’s I started my journey in the working world. I headed down the path of retail sales and merchandising, in fashion, art and interior design in LA and Beverly Hills. In the early 90’s, I returned to San Diego to explore other education and career options, which led me to working as a graphic artist In the mid 90’s.

In the late 90’s I found an appreciation for metal art and jewelry making from a friend, Steven Smith, who encouraged me to try metal. Aside from being mostly self taught, I have had the extreme good fortune of being mentored by several master metal artists and instruction by Deb Jemmott and Steven Smith. In 2005, after woking with metal for a few years, I began to explore the lapidary arts. I started with cabochons which segued into faceting where I found the perfect compliment to my metal art and jewelry.

Inspiration for my art comes from my sensory exposure to nature, architechure and popular culture. It manifests itself by way of my infatuation for the process and techniques of craftsmanship. I truly enjoy making.

I currently work from my San Diego studio, teach Jewelry Fabrication at San Diego Continuing Education and work as a freelance graphic artist for Chadwick Graphics. I’m an active member of the San Diego and Mineral Gem Society.

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"I have a ashtray and match holder piece of porcelain with the Masonic symbol, on the bottom it says Willoughby studio , los Angela’s Also San Diego , do you know anything about this place, thank you."

"Interesting, above looks like Sharks tooth, below, looks like you did Alot of coils!"

"Absolutely breathtaking!"

"I happened to stumble upon and congratulate you on your great site. I collect jewelry of emerging artists for pleasure and investment, and am truly impressed with Aaron Willoughby's work and his website. He is someone to watch."Rate this Artist" however, could use some fine tuning. I intended to rate Aaron with 5 stars, however he got only 1 star from me, because I clicked on the "R" which is linked to the 1st star. Unfortunately, it brought his overall score down....My apologies Aaron if you are reading this. I give you 5 stars."

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