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Lacey Kim  Jersey City, NJ

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About Lacey

My work expressed through lines. It distances itself from the actual world. It expresses what does not exist in a clear form, and presents a balanced conflict. Therefore, my work cannot but have an abstract form. I try to show the harmony of opposites of consciousness and unconsciousness through my paintings. Expression of opposites can be shown as freely moving lines, in which I follow the unconsciousness within me through a properly controlled form. Even though I do not depict the actual objects or figures, I do not think that my paintings only show messy or uncontrolled immoderation. Rather, I think that unconsciousness can be related to the concepts of regulation and flow. I have a belief in abstraction, through which invisible things can be revealed. Subtle changes in paintings enable viewers to reach almost to the level of spiritual meditation. Since I follow my unconsciousness through intuitive gestures, the result is abstract.

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"MY SLIGHT CRITIQUEpic a; an indulge on reflexes.pic b; detached replication of an individual's prospect."

"Such complex imagery despite it's simplicity! Love it!"

"i think its the value more than the colors that make this so beautiful, effective, and intriguing! I like this a lot"

"Cool Work a lot of lines but did not over paint great JOB"

"I love this work!!"

"to me this looks like street lights in motion .."

"Love, love, LOVE THIS! Fluid. Expressive. Fiery fervor!"

"Anger? Despair? Art really is in the eye of the beholder... I see life, energy, dancing, excitement. Not usually an abstract art lover, but... LOVE IT!"

"This is brilliant stuff. I love it."

"Lacey,I love your work. It reminds me of the traditional Chinese paintings of some of the older dynasties. Thank you.Sincerely,Jeff"

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