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Joe Kievitt  Portland, ME

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About Joe

I am interested in the transformative possibilities of materials – the way things are made, the visual, structural, and behavioral qualities of materials, and how they react to one another. I am also interested in the language of painting and drawing because it cannot be reduced down to a system of understandable pieces, but rather stands as a kind of total knowledge. Presently I use drawing to investigate the material possibilities of the medium and to explore particular formal and spatial concerns within abstraction.

Ultimately, my work is about the relationship between the process and the finished piece. I strive to create this relationship by experimenting with varied materials and techniques, both contemporary and traditional. I reinterpret my chosen materials through methods of my own invention. This process, combined with a wide-ranging collection of influences, creates my own visual lexicon.

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"you are awesome!!:)your gift is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"I'm really impressed with the mosaics shown on your website. Beautiful work!"

"My goodness that's a lot of work!!Very nice."

"It's wonderful to see a mosaic artist."

"scratch all that...i just clicked on your website link and saw that you are a true mosaic artist. the one from 2004 is OUTSTANDING !!!"

"i'd really like to know if this mosaic was done by you and is it tile?? are mosaics something that you prefer?? reason why i'm asking is because i am a glass mosaic artist and i'm always pleasantly surprised when i come across another mosaic artist because we are a dying breed. this piece is beautiful, by the way :)"

"Very good! A very eye-catching, wonderful piece of art! (:You have an amazing gift!"

"Outstanding design and EYE for art!!"

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