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Anthony Santella  Teaneck, NJ

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My work draws on many recognizable traditions, Medieval religious art, 19th century British art: Pre-Raphaelitism, Symbolism, Fairy painting, contemporary fantasy and comic book art. However, I do not identify myself primarily as a practitioner of any of these styles. Above all, I care about a unifying element of the best of all this work, a sense of wonder, a suggestion of the beauty and mystery of life, illuminating the mortal world from inside. For better or worse, I don’t think visual art can teach, but it can tell stories that remind people of the important things in life: hope, wonder, love. I can not make a viewer share my world view, but I can suggest a theme, a story. I try to pass along the spark of wonder that inspired me and allow the viewer to complete the story and take their own lesson.

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"Is the transforming wooden mask for sale- it is a gorgeous art piece- and is it wearable?"

"normal work.."

"bit strange but good"

"MY REVIEWpic a; the focus of human technology is to capture the heart of the universe.pic b; behind/within the dimensions of the human mind, lies the mysterious foundation that is the "unconscious mind"."

"Absolutely wonderful, i love them."

"The bottom piece here:Duplicity verses Hypocrisy.Whats in you is not necessarily who you are, but it may be who you need to know so that you can get rid of it, once and for all! -Telly Savalas Lattimore"

"dios mio no es de que no me guste but esta raro esto es arte"

"It shows life inside and out."

"Stunning! Interesting choice of material, carved wood. Underscores the theme of mortality, something you wouldn't get with marble."

"Incredible, Breath taking, breath giving ... Wow !!!"

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