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JM Rizzi  Brooklyn, NY

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About JM

The Artwork of JMR– JM Rizzi, or better known as JMR, has adapted a unique mixture of neo-abstract expressionism with hints of contemporary pop to create a style all is own. Originally hailing from Brooklyn, New York, JMR has grown up with the influences of street art and the established art world constantly around him. Through his own individual, hybrid street style, he has dedicated himself to helping art fit into the public arena. He has gone on to produce art for hotels and restaurants, as well as completing building sized murals in Manhattan.

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"Very Picasso-ish"

"The top one reminds me of a flat visual version of a Karel Appel. Great work!!"

"nice work."

"beautiful artworks,"

"Awesome I've tried this same (first pic) style with continuous lines, but I'm glad to see it on such a professional level! I particularly like one face on his website"

"I was immediately drawn to your work! I love the colors, so bright, so vibrant. I used to make similar artwork when I was younger, but mine were merely scribbles colored in a similar manner. These are so much better! Its really great that it looks like a scribble at the same time I see faces here. I'm going to look at your other work. Bravo!"


"These paintings brighten my day! Thanks for spotlighting this artist!"

"The top image looks like a mish-mash of the Powerpuff girls..."

"The determined optimism of JMR is very welcome. He has taken what might be affectionately called 'doodling' to a whole 'nother level. What a great way to 'infuse' the street and other spaces with a bit of 'stress-relief'. Hopefully, he'll bring his cheerful, colorful work to our community soon."

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