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Nicomi Nix Turner  San Francisco, CA

'On Pillars of Passage & Fate'
Graphite on Archival Paper
'Arsenic & The Witch'
Graphite on Archival Paper

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About Nicomi Nix

Alchemy and Nature are the base studies and themes in Nicomi ‘Nix’ Turner’s pieces. Her Southern Oregon upbringing and an early interest in alchemy, kindled an infatuation with the study of plants, animals, their symbology and properties.

Using this knowledge and self-taught hand, the pieces created often reflect subject matters pertaining to Religion (specifically Paganism and counter-religious belief), Nature’s Legacy, Alchemy, Fables and Anatomical Deconstructionism.

Recommended by our guest curators

David Lyle

New York, NY Artist

"Nicomi's Graphite drawings are technically beautiful and dark with symbolism."

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'Penciled In'



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"I really like the detail. the soft w/ the pointy with scary and the boredeom."

"beautiful detail, a fusion of botanical quality and portrait somewhat caricatureish... beguiling."

"passionate, I'm fully intrigued by the beauty, strength, and grace captured in this."



"Love this one..."

"Amazing detail and value shading. A wonderful contradiction of beauty versus things that make me shiver. I am very intrigued by the geometric shape of the head scarf. Is it supposed to represent a roof over her head? Protection against the spider? Why is the scarf in her mouth? A good artwork makes me ask questions, and this one has done it!"

"Beautiful....Thank you. Sincerely. Tamara Coper-TamaraDesign, Sweden"

"graceful + beautiful. I love it, well done Nicomi:D"

"this is so cool. amazing :)"

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