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David Cheifetz  Seattle, WA

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About David

David Cheifetz was born in the Pacific Northwest in 1981. A former architect, David started learning to paint with oils in the fall of 2007 while attending the Schuler School of Fine Arts in Baltimore, and soon found his true calling as an artist.

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"His paintings are truly fantastic! Such a talented artist. His cityscapes and still life pieces are just as AMAZING....."

"MY REVIEWpic a; a sober reflection of the monument of beautypic b; a mesmerizing shade of benevolence."

"Ignore the previous statement, it was supposed to be placed in a different artist's page. I find these to be wonderful and not unsettling in the least."

"I've noticed that there is a surrealist touch to the eyes that makes the subjects seem like dolls, or illustrations. It keeps the viewer at a distance. It's beautiful, but there's something unsettling about it."

"just stunning. use of color is fabulous, and the use of light. we may have a modern day rembrandt in our midst!"

"Soo unbelievably beautiful!Especially the painting below... I have not seen anything like this for a while: so much vulnerability and elegance... She reminds me of a tango dancer!"

"Greatest. Portraits. Ever."

"Wow! beautiful!Check out his website! I really admire the way he combines realism and thick and faded obvious brushstrokes around the edges. Thanks for the inspiration David!!"

"hey im an artist to but I want you to teach me what you know"

"Gorgeous display of color, composition and light..."

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