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Mark Warren Jacques  Portland, OR

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About Mark Warren

There is a deeply rooted part of who I am that connects to, and in turn collects all this beauty I happen upon in the world. I draw from this collection every time I sit to paint. I feel inspired to insert my own vision into this narrative, to put the collection in order, so that I may create my story – a story that brings history close but is alive with new possibilities.

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"Interesting linework and color useage. A bit too invested in current hipster art trends, but obvious talent and effort has been invested."

"I appreciate your use of color to play with the feeling of space and tension- also the titles and tribal patterns and symbols gives your work a strong sense of spirituality. EXCELLENT!"

"umm pink floyde?lol its deffinently a walk down memory lane"


"for some reason, i immediately thought of the Deepwater disaster...the sense of a spectrum rainbow of hope upon the oiled, though equally convincing as beautiful clean water too, sea...yes, maybe fanciful, and maybe they were painted before the tragedy, but i couldn't help but see a bittersweet resonance. What were the artist's motivations? (this was all typed creatively one-handedly due to holding large cat in one arm on lap...)"

"College art professors probably love this stuff..."

"Enjoyed the videos (here and on the website). I like the curvy line work."

"the first one reminds me of a light house, but both remind me of pink floyd :] its awesome, in a strange way"

"Interesting contrasts."

"wow, when i looked closely at his artwork, it looked like someone was on a hot air balloon above the ocean. i think its cool how everyones perception of artwork is different."

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