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Virginia Fleck  Austin, TX

Recycled plastic bags
Recycled plastic bags

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About Virginia

Virginia Fleck was born in New York City in 1960. She began making artwork in childhood and eventually studied at Portland School of Art and The School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. In 1990, Ms. Fleck moved to Austin, Texas, where she continues her work as a visual artist. Ms. Fleck has been the recipient of numerous grants and residencies including a fellowship for a residency and exhibition in Havana, Cuba.

Virginia explains her work by saying, “In 2002 I began collecting post-consumer plastic bags and wrappers for collage material. I use an exacto knife and the slow deliberate action of cutting, to extract, alter and subvert the advertising graphics, and with an inherently playful nature, I wrestle them through the sieve of formal beauty until they are no longer useful for marketing. Ultimately, I use these altered advertising images to create ebullient artworks in a mandala format. Mandalas, associated with wholeness and healing and are a non-religious, universal tool for meditation composed of highly decorative, symmetrical patterns. Making plastic bag mandalas is a joyful act of defiance, creates a commentary on ecological awareness and reveals the hidden beauty of disposable items that continually pass through our hands.”

Quick facts about Virginia

Fleck’s work has been commissioned for the permanent collections of the US Embassy in Rwanda, the Marino Golinelli collection in Bologna, Italy, Whole Foods World Head Quarters in Austin, TX, Facebook Austin, TX, NYU Langone Hospital in NYC, Dell Children's Hospital in Austin, TX.

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"You're a lady after my own heart. Gorgeous piece, please do some more. I am currently cross stitching a mandala like this, its coming along. I'm new to the site, so am truly enjoying. Colors are awesome!!!"

"This is the best one I've seen featured here! Wow. The colors, the mandala, the message. I get it."

"I really enjoy your work!"

"I like this piece, I wish I could study it. This piece show courage. Keep it coming"

"me encanta!"

"A woman after my own heart! Not only is the piece itself visually stimulating, the message of is one that cannot be repeated enough. If you don't get it, then you're part of the problem."

"Clever, innovative and really astounding work! I really enjoyed looking at your work on your site and I also like your views as well."

"It's like modern mandalas! I absolutely love it! Definitely something I would enjoy owning in my home/ office to appreciate every day."

"dear hopp,"These large ebullient mandalas are a manic explosion of consumerist excess that contain and brand our passions while attesting to our belief in the American Dream.""

"Circle art is very visually pleasing."

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