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Dena Schuckit  London, UK

'A Bird On a Bonnet'
Acrylic on wood
'Blue Smoulder'
Acrylic on wood

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About Dena

Dena Schuckit is a London based artist who earned an MA in Painting from the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and a BFA in Printmaking from the University of California.

Dena explains the work by saying, “I paint transitional moments in imagined landscapes, interstitial spaces where there is dust that has not yet settled. Like confetti from a popper, expanding energy sends colorful riots of material into momentarily suspended chaos where the abstract arrangements that result hang in poses new and unfamiliar.”

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"just fabulus i love all of them"

"Love the energy this painting gives off! Very beautiful"

"Had the hands that so deftly created these compelling works been irreparably harmed whilst destroying a ping-pong paddle upon a weaker sibling's shoulders...Really, I'm didn't hurt THAT bad..."

"i like your paint. But why over complicate your artist statement with words like "decontextualize" and "rhizome"? Why cant we just say the basic truths of our art?"

"if you look at it too long it really makes your eyes hurt"

"I find these works an inspiration as a direction for my own work. I worry about the technical practicality of reprinting countless photographs, the use of the photo paper to give it substance as opposed to just regular paper which might be more affordable. These peices are really playful and striking in their effect. I will appropriate this idea!! Thanks!"

"Nice thoughts........"

"I think it would be less nonsensical if the artist just presented the pictures and left off the grandiose projections of what the image signifies ("a raw allure and mystery . . ."--"the deconstructed physical manifest . . ."?? Oh, yeah, I see that alright."

"this is great."

"wonderful emotion and vibrant colors."

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