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Beau Roulette  Huntington Beach, CA

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About Beau

Beau is a fashion photographer out of Huntington Beach, CA. His work was published along side Andy Warhol and Damien Hirst in “Warhol Factory X Levi’s X Damien Hirst” before he even graduated college.

He attended the Brooks Institute and his diverse portfolio is shot using 4×5, medium format, digital SLR, point and shoot, pin hole and Polaroid.

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"mike! my first thought was e.t. as well :)"

"beaus a hottie."

"The first one is so deliciously ominous."

"neorockabilly-ism. A circus without the carney's.Perhaps (tight rolled) pants will be in the images in less than half a decade. Unfortunatley eventualy useless."

"like the dorothy pic modernizes it a lot but i can't grasp the other, it seems slightly like something out of the twilight zone"

"Marvelous. Both images are rich enough to allowany number of interpretations. Unusual subjects for a fashion photographer?"

"Alcohol driven, lifeless, pretentious, contrived, self importance that really typifies the "Yo See, baby!"

"love it!!"

"I'm waiting for E.T. to throw a baseball out of that shed."

"Oh, I love that featured image. It makes me think of transitions. The young and innocent looking upon the mysterious and unknown future. Maybe adolescence to adulthood, high school to college, college to the real world or on a darker side life looking upon death."

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