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Charmaine Olivia  San Francisco, CA

'Bears in hair'
'Fox Masque'

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About Charmaine

I’m a drawer, painter, tea-drinker, self-taught San Franciscan artist. I was born and raised in a small beach town in Southern California where I first started drawing with soy sauce on napkins, but I have since upgraded to paper and paint. I now reside in San Francisco’s sunny Mission District where I love playing Scrabble in the park, playing with my kitten & drinking peppermint tea. My clients & projects include Urban Outfitters, Envelop, Threadless, Infectious,, Pingg,, Cool Hunting & Society6.

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pic a; positioned,directed and guided by her animal instinct which reflects in her outlook

Very nice. Curious to know if the woodgrain on the second image is real. Is that a painting on actual wood? Very difficult medium it would seem, if that's true.

Arresting. I want to live with them on my walls so I can look at them whenever I want.

Those paintings/pictures whatever they are so cool!! I love the detail, and the creativity.

I have always wanted to draw, and I think the drawings are wonderful.

I really love these pictures- I think they are original and fun. Wouldn't change a thing! And who says all art has to be old-fashioned and deep? That ruins all the fun we have as artists.

Lacks restraint, a sense of maturity. Keep at it kid. Lose the kitten and get a cat.

i find it interesting i like the shirt on the second girl :)
good style..

Exceptionally brilliant !

I Like it. I like the saddness.But it's more than that isn't it? Heart shaped tears,dead lifeless eyes,teddy bears in her hair,it's a very broken heart caused by a childs death.

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