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Joshua Field  North Adams, MA

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About Joshua

In the same way that poetic language gains meaning through distillation, imagery becomes more potent when extracted from the collective consciousness and re-contextualized. It is in isolation that these iconic and archetypal images become part of the poem, imbued with supplementary meaning. Using this visual language, my recent work investigates the increasing isolation of the individual and the resulting expansion of the personal universe, the internal mythologies of interpreted history and the collective dream-scape.

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"MY SLIGHT ART INTERPRETATIONSpic a; insightful refuting of a seemingly wild and harmful pledge for love"


"Thanks all for the kind comments (and the critical ones as well). In answer to the "Dali fan?" comment - I actually grew up in St. Pete FL where the largest collection of Dali's work resides, so I'm sure that was influential. Also very influential was the little History Museum in St. Pete which was packed from floor to ceiling with all sorts of unrelated, disorganized ephemera, from a mummy to shrunken heads to a two-headed calf. Something about all of those disparate things packed together seemed to open up new worlds... Sadly they renovated it a few years back and it is neat and tidy and tame now."

"I rather like the paintings; dreamlike imagery; and the analogy to poetry can work. However, why does any artist feel the need to justify the work as an exploration of something other or "larger"?"

"Wow. Your work is so inspiring.I could look at it for hours, and not get tired of it. I would buy it if i could.Keep on posting them up you make people look at the world as some thing that holds things beautiful."

"I love this work. It simultaneously compels and evokes."

"Very appealing art, both visually and psychically. Love the author's statement-would love one of his pieces hanging in my home!"

"bleak palette...,,lots of mysterioso gobbledygook posing as...what? theory? mission statement? hard road to nowhere."

"this is lovely. it is dreamlike and eclectic. i love it <3"


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