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Isaac Payne  Charlotte, NC

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About Isaac

Isaac Payne grew up in Tacoma, WA. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 2003 and his Master of Fine Arts degree in painting and sculpture from The City University of New York at Queens College in 2005. His work primarily consists of drawing and 2D mixed-media on paper. The drawings explore themes of our relationship to architecture and our estrangement from nature.

Isaac currently lives in Charlotte, NC and teaches art at Wingate University. His honors include the 2002 John Paul Wrobbel Painting Prize; the 2001 Mary Seymour Brooks Scholarship for Painting; and the 2000 Sybil J. Gould Scholarship for Excellence in Drawing and Graphic Arts.

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"Just saw your work in Salisbury NC. Your concept is so perfect for now and your technique wonderful. I was left with a feeling of loneliness and the realization of the value of living with nature."


"Isaac you continually stun me with your greatness!"

"eerie shadows,clean details and appealing to the viewer.. its a two thumbs up!"

"Wow did this grab my eye. Check out the artist site if you haven't! I like how the ghostly vacant cityscapes dissolve or transform into a sort of blankness. In those works some of the figures have a inward, searching presence, while others seem to just look down because there's nothing to look up at anymore."

"My first impression is one of an engagement with nature. We're hardly disconnected but we have amazing experiences your work describes beautifully."

"This is supurb..real life nailed by a great man with a keen eye. Thank you so much!!!"

"Ilove the Color's and the in speration, its urban and Classic it just make me movein a way i can't explan"

"Awesome! This reminds me of the spirit world that's all around us - but no one can quite put their finger on it. This really speaks to me."

"indeed! extraordinary! you created such a sombre, solitude mood. one that captivates and dwells on a human beings deepest innermost feelings. spirituality! great job,love them both, you still can see the sunshine even though the fog and clouds have it subdued!"

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