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Jacob Dahlstrup  Glasgow, Scotland

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About Jacob

Jacob received a BFA from the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland. He’s also participated in several exhibitions across Scotland and Denmark including a recent solo show at the Assembly Gallery in Glasgow. Jacob’s preferred material is pencil which is best showcased with his 38 day, 100 hour drawing of a skull seen in the video to the left.

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'Penciled In'




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"cool i like the bottom one"

"Cool. Like a tatoo collage...."

"Good technique but not too original."

"Wow! this guy makes me mad. drawing with a torch a little naked girl who's been napalmed, exploding flowers! Thats some happy dark s**t."

"Thought Provoking at it's best....United We Stand,......Great Depictor!"

"very talented.... as far as the subject matter goes, I grieve for the lost potential of all that beauty wasted...first the tatooed boy; because art like this on a body doesn't get more beautiful like on a canvas, but it dulls and wrinkles and fades and it's meaning gets lost with age...second,The Rose Skull: all that amazing potential creativity in a lifetime that can either be used or wasted away.....and most people never even realize what their possiblilities were.... Consider the lotus blossum; see how it shimmers in the light;beckoning, beckoning in the each precious petal slowly unfolds, exciting new details are told; of it's beauty it's intrincities, it's design that can only be appreciated with time....Oh Peace, have patience, my precious child; hold back temptation, wherein beguild; to pluck quick the blossum at too young a stage, and lose the beauty of the age! For, precious gifts take but a little while,and last forever....Of Patience and Virtue; copyright mjpersinger; alias Vicki BflyLive to your Fullest Potential, People. Let your special gift of creativity flow through you. God Bless."

"Very cool. Liked the video. Definitely off-beat. Your work is obviously intricate and well-done."


"This is KOOOL !!!!!!!!!!This is all pencil and i took38 days. >.<"

"pree coool, like doodles taken to the next level !"

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