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Janne Kearney  Geelong, Victoria, Australia

Oil on linen
Oil on canvas

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About Janne

Janne Kearney is an artist based in Geelong, Victoria, Australia.

Janne explains her work by saying, “I am Predominately a figurative and portrait artist, my paintings ask the viewer to disregard preconceived perceptions of people, society and at times reality. Bodywork is a series of paintings of real life tattooed people. The works are full of texture and color created in a contemporary realist manner and could be described as iconoclastic…they challenge or overturn traditional beliefs, customs, and values, consciously utilizing both traditional and innovative techniques, my work explores retro and neo kustome kulture.”

Quick facts about Janne

Janne was a 2017 BP Portrait Award Finalist.

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"i like your work very much."

"I love your work!"

"Love your work!"

"As a writer the mystical call of this work whispers of that only glimpsed and shouts of our search within the ether. I find it inspirational."

"thank you for sharing your art with us. i liked both..esp the second...thanks"

"Nothing boring about your portraits, Janne! Your work is outstanding not only for its quality, but for the imaginative treatment you give the subject."

"Janne, through the years I've known you, I've watched you progress into an exceptional artist. I am honored to own one of your original portraits you did for me, of someone so dear to me. You captured her sweet personality to perfection. I always look forward to seeing each new piece you have created.Ann"

"Very beautiful and creative artwork, Janne."

"Your work has a haunting depth, and resonates the passion in your perspective. I have set your painting of the face in a teacup as my desktop background."

"i realy liked both paintings. i like the use of the warm red colors in the portrait. i think it adds a mysterous trait to the face. i myself have tattoos. i enjoy the art work that people have on themselves. i like how the man is adding more color to his already sweet collection."

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