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Bec Winnel  Melbourne, Australia

'Bridget Rose'
Pencil, pastel and acrylic on paper
'Lily Amongst the Leaves'
Pencil, pastel, watercolour and acrylic on paper

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About Bec

Bec Winnel is a self taught artist and illustrator with formal training in Graphic Design through Swinburne in Melbourne, where she now lives. Her unique, delicate and soft portraits are dosed with sensuality and emotion, and created by blending layer upon layer of colour pencil, graphite and pastel. Her work has been described as reminiscent of vintage Victorian postcards and like melancholy souls staring out at you through disguised, beautiful faces.

Bec works full time as a graphic designer, illustrator and artist, and exhibits her work in group shows when she can. She is currently working towards her first solo show in March next year.

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2 comments from the artist

"Aw, JW, don't burn them! Keep them to look back at and see how much you grow with each piece. I guess, at least doing the drawing, even though burnt, gets your subconscious out on paper :) Thank you so very much for the lovely comment xo"

"Thank you SO very much for all the lovely comments and feedback. It seriously means a lot to me xo"

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"i love your art. its so beautiful the way you get the faces just perfect and so realistic! Love it..."

"Absolutely beautiful!"

"I love your works... do you mind if i post one of these in my twitter account?"

"I love your work!! It's amazing!! So delicate and detailed! When I first saw these images, I thought they were digital images because of how detailed and realistic the faces and textures look- I'm amazed that you did them by hand!!"

"the painting is sooo nice i love it its just so amazing"

"New to ur artwork web site also an artist well where the moment strike. Love ur work and attention to detail. I'm a army veteran that uses art to fight off bad dreams. I sometimes find myself starting a drawing and can't get the right proportions or justnnot satisfied with it and burn it. anyway. LOVE ur art work."

"Your work is beautiful!"

"All I can Say Is wow.. Great work.."

"thats amazing!! the shading on the eyes is so perfect. ive learned that some people shade the eyes darker on the bottom, which makes the eyes look like empty bowls. but this is PERFECT!! love the first one especially :)"

"<3 it"

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