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Joyce Ho  Iowa City, IA

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About Joyce

In my artwork, I am trying to develop a new, hybrid form to express my cultural and artistic identity. I was raised in post-Martial Law Taiwan in a society that celebrated its political independence while also simultaneously assimilating American and Japanese popular culture. My artwork reflects this social schizophrenia as I use mediums ranging from graffiti and oil paintings to installations and performance to try to capture my own role in Taiwan”s dynamically shifting social landscape. In my recent work, I have been developing a series of comic-inspired paintings and sketches that blur the boundaries between animation, graphic design, and fine art. Through my use of a luminescent palette and sexually charged compositions, I am working to create a decidedly feminine perspective that embodies my generation”s precarious state of un-balance.

I am interested in the narrative quality of painting. I am trying to create artwork that seduces the spectator to engage it intellectually and emotionally and finish its story, like the beginning of a short story or the punch line of an unsettling joke.

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"Its creepy and cool!"

"Impactful piece of work."

"I love the colors, ilove how they are so rich but the picture its self is kind of creepy. I think I have seen better."

"kinda creepy"

"Fantastic! I cannot stop admiring these wonderful works of art."

"...creepy....colors are hysterical...i don't mean funny, i mean bordering on hysteria somebody in the room has a knife, probably some poison...."

"feeling very happy for all the good comments I received...thank you all!!!Joyce Ho"

"Beautiful use of color. I like how the expression on the girl's face is so plain. It gives off a very creepy vibe. Very cool!"

"For some reason these paintings make me feel very uncomfortable. The techniques that you use are wonderful and I feel that you are going to develop into a very good if not famous artist. Thank you for your work!"

"Stunning work!"

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