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Melissa Cooke  Madison, WI

'Fairy Tales End At Midnight'
'Gladiator (You Told Me I Wasn't A Fighter)'

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About Melissa

This series explores the latent darkness and sexuality inside all of us. I employ props, costumes and theatrics in order to provoke the dormant aspects of my identity. I indulge in typecasts of the artist; as I draw and explore these characters, I am able to internalize the expectations put forth by popular culture.

I desire to understand the interplay of repressed weaknesses, shortcomings, and instincts within relationships. The drawings are inspired by emotionally charged memory flashes that have impinged upon my outlook on relationships. The drawing process first serves as a cathartic experience, allowing me to reevaluate the effects of these events. Soon thereafter, the rehashing merely exaggerates emotions, making the echo of the incident more haunting. Reality is increasingly skewed by imagination; fiction becomes truth.

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"thats pretty awesome! i like the gladiator one. i totally get it."


"disturbingly lovely"

"I really love the image. The art aspect of this is phenonmenal...but the artists words about her work make her seem pretentious and full of it. Great art work. Words should express more truth then just trying to sound like she is deep."

"Both arts excellent and it is explaining the artist high thinking in the art world If the artist draw natural it will look grade it is my opinion."

"atist definately knows what he or she looks good"

"i like this alot"

"I am surprised that there are not more comments. I have seen lesser work receive more praise even if that praise is nondescript and riddled with misspelling. I would have chosen one of the 'vacuum' pieces to accompany your work with the draped hair from "you know me better". The 'vacuum' series seems more playfully jarring and you seem to play wonderfully with composition with those. Your newest work is perhaps my favorite. It seems to translate the "vacuum' concept into a more fragile veiled & subtle tone."

"i was like wow o wow thats cool"

"At first I was like-eh?Then took a long look, real long look. Brilliant! I just kept string at it."

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