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Jennifer D. Anderson  Santa Monica, CA

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About Jennifer D.

In this grouping of 100 eleven inch tall figures, elements of the human body were printed on mylar, and hung away from the wall to create shadows. The repeated silhouette, taken from a clothing sizing chart, is a visual motif for our oversimplification of the human body, in terms of what it is and what it should be. Placing images of the corporeal body within this simple form emphasizes its impossibility and inappropriateness. These images are from the installations of this work at the Downtown Art Gallery in Los Angeles, CA and The Arts and Language Laboratory in New Haven, CT.

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"Jennifer's work is fabulous! And it certainly is a testament to her character. I highly recommend all thoughtful art fans to give consideration to what she is doing with her canvas (or print)."

"You so rock!There is a wonderful story about how I came across your work.(Better told in person. I have a good face for it.)I'll mention you often from here on lout.Nice!"

"very interesting!"

"Jennifer's work will be on view at the Dayton Visual Arts Center in Dayton, Ohio, in early 2009 in a group show with Curtis Mann and Richard Koenig."

"I can't wait until I get to see Jennifer's work in person. At the rate she's going, it shouldn't be long. She's really going places with the work and in her career."

"I've had to good fortunate to see Jennifer's work in person and enjoyed it very much. She uses printmaking in a fresh and unexpected way that is always intriguing."

"Jennifer's art is strikingly notable by today's currents. I have a feeling we will be seeing more of her work in the more popular and prestigious venues. She has a lot to say and wields a powerful language."

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