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Richard Westerhuis  The Hague, the Netherlands

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About Richard

Richard Westerhuis is a Dutch photographer who’s work emcompasses staged photography as well as intuitive in the moment.

The “dramatizing elements,” as the artist calls them, are what makes his images their narrative power: his subjects are performers, professionals and amateurs. Whose interior self can differ greatly from their projected selves. Working together with those who are not afraid to be themselves. Whenever this is expressive or modest and are willing to open up. Those who throw off their masks. He believes there’s a beauty in being vulnerable.

In a world dominated by artificialness, representation and autogry. Is it still possible to be yourself? Are we still unique? With a background in psychology, Richard investigates through photography which roles of individualism and collectivism affects our social interactions and relationships. In ways by looking at our self and others. Staging from his own observations and creativity moments of our daily lives.

Richard explains his work by saying, “An ocean is like a human being I feel a deep spiritual connection with. The waters are sacred and should be protected. Water will always be our most precious resource of life. However, it also difficult to fully grasp nature because our oxygen needing bodies are not able to reach this underwater world. When our brains are made up of 75 percent of water surely we must be able to experience the deepest oceans in the imagination of the mind. Westerhuis challenges the viewer to fantasize what the experience of unexplored nature looks like and in this way dares the viewer to take a look beneath the surface. The Whanganui River in New Zealand finally has its human rights. The Iwi (tribe) has been fighting for the rights of this living whole since the 1870s.”

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