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Robert Standish  Los Angeles, CA

'Untitled (Woman with Folded Arms)'
Oil on canvas
'Woman on Sunset Blvd'
Oil on linen

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About Robert

Skin, flesh, fragile tissue… the shell of human form. Inside inhabits a soul and personality. Outside of the shell, exist many absurd influences from societies’ masses, which we in our individual skins consciously and subconsciously respond to.

My work mirrors individuals’ private moments of introspection. I find myself compelled to capture the moments when a strong desire and need to feel comfortable in one’s own skin are present. Similarly, I want to capture a person’s attempt at reconnecting or discovering some form of greater magic (conventionally speaking ,God) and the candid instant when a person reveals how far he or she feels from that magic.

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"more tedious photo copying"

"Robert's work is painted in oils."

"Tell us more about the medium."

"Beautiful, but what kind of girl covers her boobs in the privacy of her tub? It don't seem natural."

"Wow, this artist is who I aspire to be. There is so much talent and skill involved to create such wonderful realist paintings."

"Wonderfully real in terms of masterful technique and rigorous desire to create emotion in the subject. Amazing art!"


"Hey love you work.Grear name too!!there is a few of us about."

"Wonderful work. Artist Standish is awesomely talented"

"Truly amazing in style and extraordinary talent! The soul of the subject is so intensely obvious. These must be seen in "the flesh." Mr. Standish, will you be showing in Philadelphia? Much success to you."

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